The Riverdove Community is filled with people just like you; we’re mums and dads, singles, couples, retirees, kids and teens – all just doing life, like you are!
We’re farmers, artists, musicians, baristas and potters, as well as IT geeks, students, business owners and corporate professionals. In fact, we’re a really diverse mix of personalities and occupations. But the one thing we all have in common and which unites us is our love of the gospel message and choosing to do ‘life with Jesus’.

When all’s said and done, we’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to say hi!

Purpose of Church: Worship


Honouring God and His Son through individual and communal worship.

Purpose of Church: Fellowship


Growing closer in community through relational fellowship in Jesus.

Purpose of Church: Discipleship


Developing our relationship with Jesus more deeply through discipleship.

Purpose of Church: Ministry


Loving people better in our church and local communities through ministry.

Purpose of Church: Evangelism


Calling and equipping people for “Life with Jesus” through the gospel message.

The name ‘Riverdove’ draws its inspiration from the story of Jesus’ baptism, found in the four gospels (Matt 3:16-17Mark 1:9-11Luke 3:21-22John 1:29-33). Upon rising from the water as a ‘new creation’, God’s Holy Spirit came to rest upon Jesus, in the form of a dove, marking his approval from God and his veracity as God’s son. This is a beautiful echo of the story first told to us in Genesis, where “God’s spirit hovered “like a bird” over the waters”, before beginning His incredible creative work.

The name “Riverdove” is descriptive of our purpose and mission as a community, and connects us in a very elemental way with Jesus, his work and mission and his status as God’s son and saviour of the world.