Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever

As we enter the festive season, our attention is drawn, once again, to Christmas celebrations and all that this entails. Christmas represents different things to different people, but to the majority of the western world, it has long been a religious tradition imbued with the account of the birth of the baby Jesus. But for many Christians, the person Jesus; his life’s work and legacy, reaches far beyond the image of a baby in a manger, and to the heart of their everyday existence. To Christians, his life is a cause for continual joy and celebration.

Jesus: Our Friend

To those of us who have had the immense pleasure of listening in and observing Jesus’ life, he has become many things:

He is, by far, our greatest friend and companion. Though we have often been quick to forget this, he has never left our side, or abandoned the friendship. He never once takes our rejection or momentary desertion as a personal insult. He has complete emotional maturity in all regards and is eternally dedicated to the ultimate good of his friends. 

He loves all, and never misses the opportunity to press into life and relationship with others. He pursues people. From day to day and without fail, he is kind, patient, generous, accepting of deficiencies, always forgiving, ever loving. It is these characteristics, among others, that make him a source of great encouragement to a friend; by his own demonstration of friendship, he inspires us to be a better version of ourselves. 

Jesus: Our Helper

He is the master in the art of life; the consummate teacher who has complete understanding and compassion for the human heart. He knows our life experiences, our past and present circumstances, what has been given to us by others and what has been taken, what our character lacks and what it does not; he is all seeing. This unique insight allows him to perfectly temper his instruction; he knows when to listen and when to speak, when to facilitate and when to directly instruct, when to be patient and when to look for results. And whilst his perception is utterly frightening at times; unobscured by flawed bias and logic, those who have spent time with him have learnt that his intentions are always pure and sincere. His desire is to see, not ‘see through’,  to help and not to humiliate. He does not judge according to what is visible; each person is unique to him, he knows them, and those who have received his help have felt the fear of his wisdom gradually lift, as they grow to trust and love his guidance. He seeks their ultimate good and is reassuring to the end.

Jesus: Our Leader

But perhaps our friend’s greatest attribute is his leadership. He is a leader by example. Though he has, to many, the greatest attributes and accomplishments ever recorded of a person, he is not the least bit proud. In contrast, he prefers to give, rather than receive, but when he is on the receiving end, he is incredibly appreciative of the smallest of gifts we have to offer, such is his humility. 

He is a leader who serves others first. He is no respecter of persons. He makes the lowest and poorest of people feel like kings and queens in his presence. The aimless and the weak are always in his sight and he will stop at nothing to nourish and provide their needs. He leaves no-one behind. He carries our burdens no matter their weight, asking that in return we accept the road he has travelled and continue it’s path with him. He has fought the battles we will face – and has succeeded; he is the route to success, and truth and light are his weapons of warfare. He is in front of us, behind us, and at our side; he is an ever present help. No life is lost in his company.

His greatest desire for the earth is to see that no-one lives a life of hopelessness. His heart is for humanity. He sees its greatest strengths, but also it greatest weaknesses; that it is prone to greed, selfish ambition, and materialism. It is his belief that these three things are the source of all error, and the cause for all human grief, including death itself.  And yet, because his love of humanity is so great, he has made it his life’s ambition to show the world, by his own example and in his own body, a way through our grief and self-destructive ways, to a new life of hope, love and peace. And this is his great legacy; that he himself, became the way, and life has been made available to all through him!

This incredible achievement is the cause for belief among Christians that his message is one that reaches beyond politics and to the core issue of humanity. To them, he is the future leader of the world – for this purpose he was born – and he will be the first and last ruler to unite the world in love and peace.

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